Porybit, #099A, The Unfinished Program
Type: Normal
Height: 5"
Weight: 27.2 lbs
Length: 11"
Width: 6"
Egg Group: Mineral
Lore info

Gender Ratio: 50/50
Diet: Nullivore
Habitat: Urban

Hit Points Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
6 5 6 7 6 3

Basic Abilities: Last Chance / Trace / Download

High Abilities: Analytic

2-Porygon Minimum 15
3-Porygon2 Holding UpGrade Minimum 25
4-Porygon Z Holding Dubious Disc Minimum 35

Capabilities: Overland 5, Surface 2, Sky 1, Jump 1, Power 1, Intelligence 2, Wired

TM List Level Up Moves Move Tutor Egg Moves
TM03 Psyshock 1 Conversion Double-Edge None
TM06 Toxic 1 Tackle Electroweb
TM10 Hidden Power 7 Sharpen Foul Play
TM11 Sunny Day 13 Psybeam Gravity
TM13 Ice Beam Evolution: Conversion2 Icy Wind
TM17 Protect Iron Tail
TM18 Rain Dance Last Resort
TM21 Frustration Magic Coat
TM22 SolarBeam Magnet Rise
TM24 Thunderbolt Mimic
TM27 Return Pain Split
TM30 Shadow Ball Recycle
TM32 Double Team Role Play
TM40 Aerial Ace Shock Wave
TM42 Facade Signal Beam
TM44 Rest Sleep Talk
TM46 Thief Snore
TM48 Round Swift
TM57 Charge Beam Trick
TM70 Flash Wonder Room
TM73 Thunder Wave Zen Headbutt
TM77 Psych Up
TM85 Dream Eater
TM87 Swagger
TM90 Substitute
TM92 Trick Room


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