Sassacus Yamauchi


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Dark skinned and lean and fit. Brown eyes and dark hair, dyed a to have a red tint to it. He’s rather awkward since he focuses so much on his fathers death and on improving his skills. He is excellent at empathizing with pokemon though.
Sassacus was born to a native american father and a japanese mother. He watched his father practice a technique where he would bond with the pokemon rather than catch it. After his father was killed trying to save his mother from an attack by Entei, Sassacus vowed to become strong enough to protect his mother should such an event happen again
Bond with legendary pokemon and find out the details behind the Entei attack in his childhood
honestly I want this guy to become a bit more open and less focused on his goal. He’s very full of angst and has little joy in his life. I’d like for him to find a pokemon and for it to change his life

Sassacus Yamauchi

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