Da Ruckus


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Yo bitch, first things first, I don’t give a shit what this area is supposed to be for, but Ima do whatever the fuck I want with it, this is an autobiography now nigguh. So growin’ up in Castelia, my pa left me the day I wuz born, I came outta da womb and he was all like “AWW HEEELLLL NAWWW!” I began my thuggin’ life when my ma’s pimp came up to me and said “Yo nigguh, Ima ‘experiment’ with you” and then he raped da fuggin’ shit outta me. After that, I slit his bitch ass throat and began a life of crime, I stole his fuggin’ porybit too. I joined a scooter gang called “Da Razor Boiz” and we did whateva da fuck we wanted. After having a run-in with the po-po, I started a new life for myself. I went to the Unova Institute of Technology at the age of 10, cuz i’m smart as fuck shit. I got kicked out my first year though for fuggin’ all da white gurlz. Anyway, now I’m here with Lil’ Pimpin, poppin’ caps and kickin’ ass.

Da Ruckus

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